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essay on aim of life

essay on aim of life

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Sep 1, 2013 - Thus every man should have some aim in life by which he should be guided. With a set aim and strong will he is bound to attain his ideal.

Death, Desire, and Loss in Western Culture

In his memorably entitled essay 'That to Philosophize is to Learn how to Die' (c.. in the later essay: 'death is indeed the end, but not therefore the goal, of life; .

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An essay or paper on Ultimate Goal of Life. Since the beginning of life people have always believed in a higher power. Whether it is God, moksha, karma, or jina .

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Jun 2, 2011 - A person without any aim in life is like a rudderless ship. He has no destination in sight. He does not know in which direction to move.

An Essay on the Life of the Right Reverend Theodore Dehon,.

His steady aim is to conduct her to greatnes and felicity, by arts, frugality, order and virtue, under the blest influences of peace. If he be raised to sovereign .

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23/01/2013 · Class XII, ENGLISH, Essay, "My Aim in Life (Doctor)"". My aim is neither wealth nor fame. I wish to serve by country with best of my talent.

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8. The. Sight and Life in My Life essay competition was set up with the goal of fi nding out how. Sight and Life has infl uenced its readers over the years, as part .

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Both aim at what 'twere Rain to obtain, A civil Frenzy, or a Tyrant Reign. The Wise must into Nature's Secrets pry, The Weak believe they know not what, nor why.